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Why Hire A Wedding Singer?

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Wedding planning is never complete without ticking off entertainment services. Every year thousands of couples tie the knot for better or worse. They all go through that crazy process of wedding planning and whilst this may seem jarring, because of how much detail is involved in putting a wedding together, it can also be a lot of fun because you get to decide exactly what you want on your special day.

One of the best parts is choosing your wedding entertainment and what better way than to serenade yourselves and your guest by hiring a wedding singer. Regardless of whether you're hiring a wedding singer in Cambridge or a wedding singer in London, you're definitely adding an edge to your wedding day. Here's our top 5 reasons why we think this and why you really should hire a wedding singer to provide the entertainment:

  1. People love being entertained. If you're going to just stick to connecting a usb stick to a sound system or hire a DJ whose going to play a generic playlist, you may find your guests get really bored and show lack of interest in dancing or joining in the fun. You want your guests to enjoy every moment with you so hiring a wedding singer will definitely keep the crowd happy and entertained.

  2. Hiring a wedding singer adds another dimension to your celebration because you're hiring an expert who can provide an incomparable vocal quality that a sound system can't. They set the mood and the tone for your reception and can alter it accordingly to suit you and your guest. So, when you hire a wedding singer, they are able to read the audience and customise their performance.

  3. A wedding singer who is also a wedding pianist can perform both at your wedding ceremony and at your reception so it's really a win-win when you can have such talent perform at both. It adds to the atmosphere and it's beautiful to listen to live music than a sound system where the speaker could let you down if, let's say, it sounds a bit rusty or the sounds cuts out as you walk down the aisle.

  4. It's easy enough for a wedding singer to move from one place to another even if it's from one location to the next. Whilst your guest assemble at another location, you can have your wedding singer jump in and sing a couple of tunes. I mean, what better way to fill the void than with the sound of music, right?

  5. Can you imagine your first dance being performed to the beautiful voice of a professional wedding singer? I mean compared to a sound system, I'd definitely say live music trumps that any day. Your first dance should be special and intimate and you want to make it perfect so what better way that to turn a tradition into a pure moment of joy.

When you're choosing your wedding singer you want to go with the best one. You want to hire someone who is charismatic and that you know will keep your guest entertained and on the dance floor all night. You want your guests to remember the nights for years to come so adding that extra element of hiring a wedding singer really is worth every penny. The wedding singer you hire should be flexible and have the skill to be able to sense what song is perfect for which moment. Unless you have specific songs that you want when you have a daddy-daughter dance or a mother-son dance. Your wedding singer should be able to judge the mood and know that if there are a bunch of youth then to sing something a little more youthful or if its an older crowd then maybe a great classic, mind you, you'll probably see the young one's join in here too.

It's always a good idea to meet potential wedding singers prior to the wedding, even if it's for a cup of coffee. Not only are you meeting that person face-to-face but it a chance to know them personally and get to know their personality. You want to hire a wedding singer who is experienced, who knows what they're talking about and can create that romantic aura. So, you need to see if they're the kind of person who can handle a crowd but also be calm if the party gets a bit wild. It is also your chance to check out their style and see if they suit your wedding vibe as you don't want an awkward atmosphere on the night where no one shows any interest as that would make it uncomfortable for you but also for the singer. So make sure you check if the wedding singer you hire is compatible with your wedding. Pro tip: If you're really unsure and need to get a feel of how they'd perform, gather some friends of family and get the wedding singer to do a little audition.

So remember, when you're hiring a wedding singer who has the ability to double up as a wedding pianist, no matter if they are a Wedding Singer in London or a Wedding singer in Cambridge, you want to hire the RIGHT singer who will evolve your wedding day from humdrum into one of the most memorable and unforgettable experiences for you and your wedding guests.

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